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Yahaira Tarr

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Hi my name is Yahaira Tarr I’m a 21 year old being in Chicago studying in New York. I create multi dimensional multi faceted work and publish a lot of it in my magazine: AFRIQUEÑA @ I’ve started a go fund me to support my completion of college so I can continue my work as a community organizer as well. I need support to graduate because I have holds on my account stunting my ability to register for the Fall. I need to be saving for the cost of housing that I must begin paying once the Fall semester begins. On top of that I have to begin paying for my loans soon after graduating. Thank you for your help it’s greatly appreciated! You can find out about my services by connecting with me on Instagram @ YahairaTarr

Hit the link to navigate to Yari's GoFundme and donate straight to them! In order for young people of color to break out of the cycle of oppression, an education is imperative. Sadly, the system works against POC, keeping us down in this struggle to gain equal footing with our white, privileged counterparts.

This can be where you help break that cycle. 

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A Thank You Note From Amaechi

Donation Amount: $120  Donation Method: Cashapp directly to student 

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I still can’t gather enough words to express the magnitude of appreciation I have for Via for letting me be the first person to be a part of her donations for Viascookies. In all from the orders, she has cultivated $120 that I will be dispersing to student Gofundmes from BIPOC mutual aid!!! I will not be keeping the money personally because the reason why she was able to even to give me this money is because the students that raised their voices against institutional discrimination. I thank all of you for the courage that you all bestowed upon me to help illuminate your stories!! Again, I cannot be thankful enough for Via and everyone that came to me with their mutual aid funds and experiences, I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and blessings with great prosperity to you all!!

A Thank You Note From Ana

Donation amount: $70  Donation method: Venmo directly to student  

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Venmo: @AnaCeleste