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Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, Lemmie Boy, and Orangeberry are available in Gluten Free and Vegan Options! Go to the cookie tab to find them.

Via's cookies are now available in the Ithaca Bakery! Our GF/Vegan cookies are available for purchase.

We donate 5% of all profits to struggling minority students! 

Via's Cookies are available at the Trumansburg Farmers Market every Wednesday from 4pm-7pm. Come out to meet me and try some delicious cookies!

You can purchase our regular cookies at GreenStar! 

The business is growing and changing! For now, I no longer offer individual boxes. You can purchase at any of the above locations, and you can buy in quantities of 2 dozen or more for yourself, events, gifts, etc. 
If you have somewhere you'd like to see the cookies, please contact me! I have goals of getting into the Ithaca Farmers Market and many more stores. However, I am a one man band, and need your help getting into some of those locations! 

About Me and the Business 

I began making cookies at age 14; I was a freshman in high-school and needed money to participate in various activities. I spent days in the kitchen, experimenting with different recipes, looking up baking soda to baking power ratios, browning butter, etc. I would come home and get to work, trying to make a cookie that tasted and looked amazing. After more than 10 batches of flat or puffy, or I don’t even know, I finally had this recipe that was out of this world. 

I decided I would be class president, so in my campaign, I handed out cookies to my entire grade, saying a vote in exchange for a cookie. I won against a very racist classmate. We overheard him calling me all sorts of lovely names when I was elected, and I just smiled. Everyone loved the cookies and it became a hallmark of my presidency. I did the same thing the next year, and the next, coasting to victory all first three years of high-school. My senior year, I did not run because I did not want to host the class reunions.


These cookies contain Milk, Peanuts, Eggs, and Soy.

Our Gluten Free + Vegan Cookie Ingredients

These cookies contain Soy.